personal development

Learn From Yesterday, Live Today, Dream Tomorrow

Individuals and Couples

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Group Programs

Seminars and Workshops

Growth Focused private counselling sessions and group training aims for personal or professional development of each unique individual. In the facilitation of this, presentations and activities are  selected from a wide range of topics, while always maintaining the focus on developing Skills, Awareness, Choice and Change.



  • Self development programs for individuals and groups.

  • Increase your life skills and awareness through cognitive learning.

  • Gaining knowledge and practical techniques through life skills programs, enables participants to take away tools to use in everyday life.By using the theories from Transactional Analysis and similar concepts.


  • A forward/action focused technique.

  • A valuable technique to assist clients to identify individual strengths and challenges.

  • Assists in the maintaining and improving of personal and professional lives.

  • To assist in the setting and achieving desired change and goals.


  • Focused on the past, present and the future.

  • Clients have the opportunity to reflect on their past scripts, behaviors, personality and child development which can be a major contributor to their ongoing challenges that stop them from moving forward.

  • By bringing about desired change more successful, happy and healthy lives can be achieved.