There are a variety of reasons people struggle in certain periods of their lives, and counselling offers a deeper understanding of this, and ways to move forward.

Counselling  The Change Process 

It is easy to see changes in nature occurring as a process. Whether it is a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, or winter shifting into spring, we can easily appreciate the process of change. But when we begin changing ourselves and aspects of our lives, we often forget the fact that change does not happen instantaneously. The easiest, most basic approach to understanding change as “a process and not an event”. Change is more manageable when broken down into stages. Counselling can help support individuals through the desired or undesired changes that occur in life.

Has your life gone through a change? 

  • Changes in circumstances such as (jobs, houses, family configuration, relationship)

  • Or you may be feeling challenged, struggling to adjust or maybe you need assistance to help create a new direction?

Invest time and get support in developing skills to successfully move through the stages of your change

Counselling Individuals

Counselling For Individuals

Whether you’re looking for help with personal, relationship, family or work issues, we’ll provide you with the assistance you need to help you find workable solutions to your everyday life problems. Counselling appointments are confidential and are provided in a safe, relaxed and supportive environment.

Counselling Couples

Healthier Couples Relationships

Couple counselling can help you reconnect in an open and supportive way that will encourage your relationship to grow and thrive.

Develop positive relationships by:

  • Establishing good communication skills

  • Talking more openly and deeply with one another

  • Building their emotional and sexual intimacy

  • Turning challenges into opportunities to grow

  • And an ongoing openness to learn.

 Let us help you break down the barriers and build bridges. 


Counselling Families

 Family Life

Creating a happy, healthy family involves values, traditions, boundaries, communication skills, nurturing and ongoing openness to learn.

Parenting can be a struggle on many fronts – financially, emotionally, mentally and/or physically. Running a household is big business.

Whether you have a family with young children, adolescent children or young adult members they all have needs and that can be very challenging for every member of the family.

Invest time and energy in developing positive relationships no matter how diverse your family is.

  • Step-families and blended family

  • Work away Families – FIFO or Defence.

  • Co Parenting in separated families.